HF2000 - Standard Servicing Dealer Package /  Part No: 051-020 - YARMAND

HF2000 - Standard Servicing Dealer Package / Part No: 051-020


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Includes 2000-H workstation, 4 wheel cups, 2 telescoping bridge channels, 2 loading ramps, 2 lockable caster wheels, 2 tie down straps, 1 raising boom bracket, 2 Heftee extension arms, 1 tool/parts tray, 1 standard axle jack, 1 standard pan jack, 1 swinging boom, and 1 owner/operator manual, Freestanding design allows the lift to be positioned in the shop where it's needed. No special installation, Heftee owners report anywhere from 20-50% productivity improvement, Lift up to 2,000 lbs, to six feet into the air, in seconds, Manufacturer's warranty applies. To ensure tool accuracy and personal safety, do not attempt to repair tools under warranty, Heftee specializes in equipping technicians with products that enhance the unique needs of the turf equipment and utility vehicle service job, Special order item. Please allow additional time for delivery. No cancellations. No returns., Designed, built and tested to four times rated load capacity, Attachments permit technicians to safely and conveniently remove wheels, engines, transmissions, and to support front and rear mount attachments, Ideal for consumer and light commercial turf equipment and utility vehicles



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