051-206 Stens Professional Blade Cleaner MAG-12008 - YARMAND

051-206 Stens Professional Blade Cleaner MAG-12008


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Heavy and balanced for ease of use on any work bench, 1.5 HP motor to drive its 8" brushes, Dual counter-acting brushes remove rust and debris from the top and bottom of the blade at the same time, Enclosure provides a contained machine that has a vacuum hook-up to keep the environment clean, Can be used with a shop-vac or air cleaner, Super clean operation keeps all dirt and debris inside the machine and directed to the vacuum post, Complies with the ANSI B165.1-2005 industrial safety standards for power driven brushing tools, Able to clean a lawnmower blade up to 30° L and 3 3/4" W in seconds, Quickly remove rust and debris from a lawnmower blade to inspect blades for fractures, achieve accurate balance, and provide a quality service job, Made in the USA, Any lawnmower blade type, mulching or conventional, can be used, Does not require bolting to a work bench to be used, Industry’s first lawnmower blade cleaning machine, Internal guarding prevents the brushes from kicking the blade at the operator, Prevents brushes from pulling or pushing the blade from the operator, Weighs 110 lbs.



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