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051-527 Lucas Oil Hydraulic Oil


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Lucas Oil 10018 Order 4 for complete case, Adds life to pumps, rams and seals, Hydrostatic drives: use approx. 10% for more hydraulic pressure and less gear wear; up to 15% to stop bad leaks, even on side loaders, Size: 1 gallon bottle, Adds lubricity and thermal stability to any hydraulic oil, Packaging Type: OEM package, Construction equipment: use approx. 5%-10% for preventative maintenance; up to 20% to correct heat, leaks and fading in older equipment, Restores full hydraulic pressure to a worn system, Power steering units: use approx. 20% for preventative maintenance; up to 75% to stop seal leaks and correct worn rack and pinions, Precision machines, like presses: use 5%-10% for more pressure, more precise movements and heat control, Automatic transmissions: use approx. 10% to stop slip, leaks, rough shifting and over-heating; up to 30% in worn units



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