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051-655 Lucas Oil Hyd Oil Booster & Stop Leak


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Lucas Oil 10039 Add to any hydraulic fluid at a treat rate of 5%-10%; using upto 20% if necessary, Perfect preventative maintenance for new equipment and perfect solution for worn hydraulics and transmission in older equipment, Restores full hydraulic pressure to a worn system, Will condition seals to stop leaks and restore load pressure, Priced per pail, sold per pail, Special order item. Please allow additional time for delivery. No cancellations. No returns., Does not contain harmful solvents, Packaging Type: OEM package, Adds lubricity and thermal stability to any hydraulic oil, Inexpensive solution to your hydraulic problems, Adds life to pumps, rams and seals, Renews worn fluids, removes varnish from wet brakes and clutches, stopping slippage and lowering operating temperatures, Size: 5 gallon pail



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