Jeonil JPC-60 Plate Compactor with Honda GX Engine


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Jeonil JPC-60

A single direction, lightweight and economical plate compactor that offers perfect compaction performance, efficiently compact granular soils, crushed aggregates, and features a wide variety of applications with great maneuverability.

- The economical choice for compaction of granular soil, trenches and driveways
- Low maintenance vibrator
- High centrifugal force suitable for powerful compaction performance
- 95 Hz vibration frequency brings fast travel speeds and better compaction
- Strong plastic belt guard
- Engine guard and lifting hook allows in-ditch work safely and easily
- Attachable transport wheel available(Option)
- Lightweight and portable
- Urethane mat is available for brick paving compaction (Option)
- Tool bag is available as standard behind the handle



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