Snowblower Basic Maintenance. Ideal for snowblowers that start. Just need the very basics.


  • 9999

Annual Basic Maintenance 

Seasonal freshening up. Suitable for snowblowers with engines that start and are functional but just need the very basics to maintain efficiency and reliability . 

What the service Includes:

  • 30 Points Inspection. Lubricate moving parts:  Pivot points, cables, auger shaft, and drive plate zerk. Oil change, replacing spark plug, general cleaning, check auger system, check drive system.

  • Test overall operation of equipment and ensure that all safety features are fully operational at the time of service.

  •  Additional repairs and parts are extra as needed. Estimate will be provided.  

Benefits of Annual Subscription:

  • Peace of Mind every season and saving costly repairs due to neglect.
  • Troubleshooting help during season.
  • Meet warranty maintenance requirement
  • 100 Days Guarantee for all work done.


Terms & Conditions:

  • Annual subscription can be cancelled anytime up until service completed.
  • Cannot be combined with any other offer.
  • Estimate will be provided for any additional service required.
  • Warranty covers material and workmanship for the work done. 





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